Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ooops lost her already

I have always wondered if Betty really knows her name.  Tonight, I know for sure she does!  She was hanging out in the kitchen guarding her food and not willing to roam at all.  I tried to get her to follow me but no go.  So I went and sat in my chair and called out to her.  It took her a minute and she was looking over her shoulder the whole time but she came over with her WTF look. She is funny.  And she did get kitty crack for dinner.

Zoe, and I guess well call her that, has apparently finished the survey and found a spot. I have no idea where. I think I'll give her tonight and then tomorrow I'll do my own exploring and find her spot.

Zoe came into the shelter with her name and it's not a terrible name so, on the chance that she might already know it, I'll keep it for her.  I just heard Betty hiss so she must know where Zoe is but she's not telling.

At least Betty isn't totally freaked, she even hopped up here a minute ago for some head butting and ear fondling.

Zoe does have some places that look like she might have had some bad fleas once.  I'm going to call the vet tomorrow for a checkup.  Plus I want to see how much she weighs.  I'm thinking 8 pounds max.

The shelter charged me $48 for everything (license, dealer prep, etc) - I got a whopping discount onnaccount I'm old.  BUT then they realized they had over charged me by $17 because Zoe's old, too!! (Over 2 years).  They tried hard to get me a credit on my debit card but couldn't make it happen so I asked if their accounting would allow me to donate the $17 and they said yes so all was good.

I got lots of coupons for my favorite pet store and a coupon that will pay for the vet checkup.

Betty's now positioned here in the living room near me but also where she can keep an eye on the hallway in case YouKnowWho shows up again...
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