Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Maybe I should call her Pope Francis

We found a friend.


She's 4 and not one bit shy.  We spent some time in the bathroom and she's all set up there with food and water and litter but she was so mellow about it and so curious that when she escaped, I let her go.  She's now roaming around checking out every single thing.

She attacked the toys I took into the bathroom.  She's not so impressed with the laser or the yarn ball.  She sniffed the flower arrangement and then moved on.  She's a climber.  I expect I'll start hearing stuff being knocked off or down pretty soon.

Betty is under the table watching very carefully.  The new kitty, when she spies Betty, she hisses.  This is exactly what Betty did whenever she saw Jake for the first month.  She also did the same hiss on Travis.  At least neither appears to be interested in attacking the other.

The new kitty needs a nail trim - badly.  But I think I'll wait until tomorrow.

Her name is Zoe but I'm not wild about that name.  I'm not sure if I'll change it or not and if I do, what I'd change it to.

I got her at the Seattle Animal Shelter - same place I got both Betty and Travis.  A Petco opened up nearly next door and after I looked at the shelter cats and couldn't find one, I went to Petco.  This one stood up immediately and begged me to come pet her.  She let me hold her immediately.  She has an active and loud purr which is kind of jarring in a really good way.  Betty does not purr at all.

Now new kitty is on top of the kitchen cabinets and Betty is on the floor and they are discussing living arrangements.   
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