Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Amira is here this morning cleaning the house.  And it really needs it. It's pretty tidy but... it's filthy.  She will fix that and it will be sparkling, clean and smelling like it, too.

She comes with her daughter who is very fun and cool.  They are from Bosnia and they are back in the bathroom now talking up a storm in Basnian.  Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine gets her nails done at the salon where they talk smack about her in Vietnamese.  Wonder if they are talking smack about me in Basnian?

No swimming today.  Last week, an assistant manager at Parks and Recreation went nuts and shot her manager and then went to another community center and brandished a weapon there.  She had keys to all the city's community centers so they all were evacuated and locked down until they finally caught her.  Today, they are all gathering for a meeting and counseling so all the pools and centers will be closed for most of the afternoon.

But while I was checking the webpage for the exact time, I found that my three favorite pools are now going to devote Saturday afternoons and evenings to women only.  They will have free swim and lessons.  They are going to cover up the windows and have only female staff.  And they even staggered the time so that from 2-9 on Saturdays now, there will be women only swimming and lessons somewhere in the city.


I'm probably going to go kitty shopping this afternoon.  Maybe.

I feel like I should send a thank you note to all those cardinals for doing their pope work so quickly.  I'm so tired of pope news already and the thought of their dragging it out for days was really not that happy a thought.  Let's get the new guy his new clothes and shoes and parade him around and discuss it for maybe one more news cycle then move on, k?  Thanks.
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