Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

up and down

I did finally hear from the handy(wo)man who was appropriately apologetic and Kim will be here on Monday at 10 to fix me up!

Swim class was a bomb. None of the regulars were there (I knew they wouldn't be) and Dave (the sub) taught the class.  Taught is, in no way, an accurate verb.  He stood on the side of the pool and yelled unintelligible sounds.  As one of the other people there noted, he 'thought he's teaching but he's really just annoying'.

Oh well, I got a good 30 minutes in - good enough.

I am trying out some new stuff.  Vaseline is making this new spray moisturizer.  It's expensive but damn is that stuff good.  I can even spray it over my shoulder and get my back which, before this, just itched like mad all winter long.

The daily baseball game starts at 1 today instead of noon since we changed to daylight savings time and Arizona didn't.  I'm ready for the regular season to start.
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