Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Random Tuesday

I really need to take down the curtains in this bedroom and iron them and put them back up.  They are a set of sheers over a set of plain, white bedsheets. The last time I washed them, I got lazy and figured they'd hang the wrinkles out eventually.  Not happening.  But... I do have a little hand steamer... hmmmm

They are closet curtains instead of closet doors.  No one sees them really except me but they bug me!

So that's on the list today.  My handy(wo)man who agreed to replace the bathroom and kitchen faucets has kind of fallen off the radar and I'm pretty disappointed.  I sent her a note last week asking her to put them on the schedule.  I didn't hear anything so I sent her another note and got one back saying she was behind in her calendaring and would let me know that night.  That was Friday.  This is Tuesday and no word.  I just sent one more note.  If she does not make the appointment this time, I'll either find someone else or send the faucets back (I got them on Amazon).

I have a swim class at noon.

And that's all on the slate right now... but it's early.
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