Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Susan 1, Betty 0

Betty does not love the pumpkin but the pumpkin is doing good things to her digestive system.  I have solid (pun intended) evidence. So Yeah!  I'm going to stick with about a tablespoon a day for a while and see if that's enough.  She'll tolerate it in the morning because she'll eat anything in the mornings.

I did go swimming and it was good.  Then I went to get the air pressure error signal on my dash looked at.  A nice guy at a chain mechanic place checked my pressure, found one tire low, blew it and the error was gone. No charge. I always feel badly about this no charge for air thing.  I use their gauge, the air machine and their time.  They should charge me.

I've had a nice afternoon.  I finished the book I've been reading.  It's by a local first time author and was not great but I'll bet his next one will be.  Tonight I'll start my next book, the latest from Thomas Perry, who's every word I love.  Yeah.

Betty needs some attention so I think I'll rub on her for a bit and decide what to do next.  She lost the pumpkin war so we're going to have a consolation snuggle.
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