Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Laughing at me

Right this minute my life has hit a sweet spot.  All my financial concerns have been settled nicely - even that last dangly Sprint bill has been paid and wasn't nearly as much as I though it would be.

I feel good.  Even knowing I am a heartbeat away from major expensive and painful dental issues or lung issues or heart issues, right now, I'm good and I'm just going to wallow in it until it isn't any more.

Betty is ok.  She is begging for breakfast thirds having eaten the first two rounds...  (I know if I fill her bowl she'll scarf it down and then throw it up and beg for more - so now we throttle a little.)

My big problem this morning trying to decide where to have brunch.

Knowing that this cannot last, I am just basking in the amazingness of it.

Betty is here begging for fourths and I'm narrowing down my brunch possibles.

All is good.
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