Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gettin' it done

My morning started with a call with my CPA.  Taxes all done for 2012 and all planned for 2013.  This year I get a refund of $400.  His fee is usually about that.  Next year, he and my investment guy have it set up so it should be an exact wash.  I'll be in the 10% tax bracket.  Sorry, Barack, I gave at the office.


Swim class was good. It's so crowded, though.  I think, when my regular pool opens, I'll go back.  This one today is faster to get to but I think I like the pool, the people and the instructor better at the other one.


After class, I caught some breakfast and then hit Safeway and Trader Joes and then home.  Waiting for me... finally!... was the info for my Health Savings account.  I got that all set up online and requested a link to my regular checking account.  It's a win win win. My ex-box seeded it with $300.  I'll add the max I can for the tax benefit and the result will very nearly cover my COBRA payments.  Nice.


The Mariners aren't winning by much but they are winning which is the important part.


I need to empty the dishwasher and put away the laundry and take a bag o' garbage to the dumpster and then it's going to be bear knitting and reading and watching TV for the rest of the day.
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