Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success... I think!

So last week when Betty pooped in the living room twice, I got a net new small litterbox and put it on the spot.  She ignored it.

Then I ordered a cover for it - not for her but for me because I could not stand looking at an even unused litter box.  Figuring the new kitty might use it, I moved the box and the cover over to the little nook space between the window and the fireplace.

This morning, I saw her using it!  So I just went to scoop it out and discovered that she'd used it before ... for poop!!!  So now she's pooping in both litter boxes and not on the carpet.  This is soooo good!

I got a scoop and some ziplocks (I scoop into 2 qt. ziplock bags - they are nice and thick and lock the smell up nicely) and put them next to the box under the cover.

I'd be sooo happy if our Pooping Outside the Box Era was at an end.


Meanwhile the Mariners have this pitcher - the one that lost the opening day game - who is pitching today's game - so far Oakland 5-Mariners 1.  I sure hope they find him a nice job in some far away farm team.
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