Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Friday with Betty

Betty is having a very perky day.  She's poking around checking out stuff and we even played a bit of laser tag.   She's like a different cat everyday...  Wonder if I should call her Sybil?

I've got nothing on the agenda today. The only swim class avail is at a pool that's hard to get to with no parking - not worth the effort.  There's a baseball game at noon and I have some podcasts on TiVo and bears to knit so maybe that's just what I'll do.

I'm waiting to hear from Amy the handy(wo)man.  I would really like to have my kitchen redone and my bathroom but the very idea of that kind of upheaval just makes me want to end it all.  I've had major house work done three times now in the last 7 years and each time has been oh so painful.  The end result is great but the pain is not one of those you forget.

So, instead of redoing them, I'm having the faucets replaced.  It's the one thing - in both rooms - that screams 1980 and that I see and touch a bunch of times a day. I'm hoping that getting new and shiny will trick me into thinking the whole room is better.  I got the faucets in house and am just waiting now to hear from Amy about when she can come install.

I ran into my neighbor Lee yesterday.  She and Sherry hired my designer, Sheri, to do some painting and replace their carpet with hardwood floors.  I know they had visions of the actual work taking less than a week.  (I've had those visions myself.) Last night she said they had been living out of the bedroom with the rest of the house in total mess for a couple of weeks now and she wasn't sure when they would finish.

Lee works for the FAA and travels all the time.  She said that it was only annoying to her but that Sherry was going nuts.  I can so relate.

I'm also waiting for the Sprint billing to cycle through.  I can't get from them a definite answer on my final billing.   The last two people I talked to said that I'd have to wait until the billing date of 3/9 and check the website.  I saw a piece on the news last night about some guy who did not double check with the mobile company he left and ended up with a $15K bill which took 3 years to settle.  I'd rather avoid that.

Betty has finally decided that it's nap time.  Whew.  She was wearing me out!
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