Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


howeird gave me the boost I needed to go visit the other cat shelter I had on my list.  He reminded me about it so I just hoped on my horse (or, rather, into the Smart Car) and headed out.  It was easy to find, easy to park and the people were the best.  It was another where they have small rooms of 4 or 5 cats and you go into the rooms to visit.

I found Billy who was just a giant bundle of cuddle love.  But, he's 14 and he needs special food.  Betty would not allow any food fuss.  He was so adorable that I was tempted but he's already kind of overweight and Betty wants to eat constantly.. it would just be a mess to manage.  And I really don't want 2 cats dying on me at the same time.

Billy did teach me pretty much exactly what I want and why accepting less would be silly so I'll just keep shopping til I find a younger Billy with no food issues.  I may go back to the Seattle shelter - where I got Betty and Travis - tomorrow and hope it's not as crowded.

I took I-5 northbound to get there and quickly saw that there was some issue southbound.  The backup was pretty severe.  Apparently there was a stall about an hour earlier and you just can't fuck with rush hour traffic. I coaxed my GPS into a backdoor route home and it was slow but not stop.  I just read a tweet that says that backup now is 10 miles long.  I'm happy to be home!

Oh and OnTrac delivered both my items so I can't pitch a fit with Amazon tonight. Boo!
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