Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Laundry and rice

Food Police, avert your eyes.  Today I am making my ultimate guilty pleasure.  Cheese Rice.

I take fresh, hot, white rice (made in my oh so fancy Japanese rice maker) and dump into it, copious amounts of Cheeze Whiz.  And some butter.

I'll dole this out into serving size containers and freeze.  When I'm ready to eat, I usually thaw and bake for about 30-45 mins.  It is delicious.  And the reason that my main workout routine is always carrying 100 extra pounds around with me mostly in my midsection.

Chef Anita made this great shrimp dish and wanted to make cheese grits to go with it. I do not like grits - cheese or otherwise so I suggested Cheese Rice.   She did a very nearly imperceptible gag at the very thought so I said - np, I'd make the Cheese Rice.  I haven't fired up a batch in a while.  Today I may just make up two big batches to fill the freezer.

And the laundry is laundrying.

Betty and I are working out a deal.  I will add food to her bowl (about 2 tablespoons) whenever I walk by the kitchen if she is there and is interested.  She's cutting out the coming over to me and begging.  We've had two days now with now throwing up and no pooping outside the box.  Fingers crossed.

Other than rice, today is laundry day and there's a swim class at noon.  Probably no more cat shopping today. Maybe more on Friday.


A while back, I had this huge fight with Amazon over OnTrac - the local-ish shipping company they use for some Prime membership orders.  OnTrac simply sucks.  Finally after many emails and a couple of phone calls I got an Amazon person who said that she would move OnTrac to the very bottom of the list of shippers to use for my account and all was well for about 6 months.

Then yesterday, my expected shipping from OnTrac didn't show up.  Today, I have another scheduled and I can tell it's not going to show up either.

It's the perfect storm.  In both cases, I ordered two things at the same time.  One was shipped by OnTrac and the other was shipped by Fedex and UPS.  The non OnTrac are 'on track' and delivered as promised.

I sent Amazon a blistering email last night and got a 'weather' answer and a suggestion that I get a PO box.  WRONG answers!!!!!  So, when they miss tonight's deadline (8 pm), I will send another blistering email (for paper trail) and follow up with a blistering phone call.  These people are fucking with the wrong dog.  I got the time and I got the outrage to pester them to death.
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