Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Second Thoughts or.... coming to my senses

I'm not nearly as convinced today as I was yesterday that a new kitty is what we need.  I'm still pretty convinced but yesterday nothing could have dissuaded me.  Today, not so much.

I am still going to be at the shelter at noon to see Jasper but the burden of proof will be on her.  If she convinces me, or if another kitty convinces me that they will be fun for me and Betty, then ok, but I think - I hope - I have a little more sense about it all today.  I want a snuggler.

Betty is sitting here right now, not because she wants to snuggle or play.  She wants more breakfast.

It's a good bet she will not like the new kitty. She didn't like Jake and she didn't like Travis but they both kept her busy and distracted and on her toes and exercised.  That's what she needs, I think.

And she needs food.  I have a shipment coming in from my Amazon Subscribe and Save but it won't be here until next week.  So I think I'll stop on the way to the shelter and lay in some cat food.


That's really it for today's agenda.  If I come home from the shelter with a kitty, the new kitty and I will spend the afternoon in the bathroom listening to the baseball game.  In a loft like this, the bathroom is the only room with a door on it.  So that's where new kitties go until they lose their initial freak.  With Travis and with Betty, it took only a couple of hours and then I let them out and watched them carefully.  I don't remember exactly how Betty reacted except that she made sure Jake (who was twice her size) knew he should not fuck with her.  He never did.

Travis went under the bed but was powerless against the laser pointer and soon came out.  Betty hissed at him and he ignored her.  They danced around each other after a while and signed some kind of kitty accord.

We shall see what happens today if ...
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