Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Doing the happy dance here!!

The CPA just called and asked me if I was paying for health insurance.  I had totally forgotten to tell him about the $360 COBRA payments!!!  This means I will get a refund that will cover his fee!

Then he went on to explain that the money I am living on (the withdrawal from my finances) is money I have already paid the taxes on!  So my quarterly tax payments which I thought were going to be maybe $2k every 3 months are going to be $0 every three months!!!!

Wooo hoooo!!!

He asked if he could discuss an idea he had for next year with my finance guy so they could plan for me better and I told him I'd be thrilled and grateful if my two money men could meet and make my life better.  Wow. I am so lucky to have these two guys.  I'd be a bag lady without them.

And whew.
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