Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cook day!

Today is Chef Anita day.  She just got here and cooking is commencing.

Last night I 'shopped' online for Betty's new kitty and basically came away overwhelmed.  It's weird - looking at cats online does not make me run out to adopt in general. But I can hardly bear to look at dogs online because I want every single one of them.

But, I did get a list of places and printed out their info forms to fill out and developed a plan.  I figured tomorrow, I'd head out.  The first one opens at 11.

And then I posted about it on Google Plus and a guy I used to work with posted a link that totally changed my plans.  The link was to Jasper who is the most precious and perfect sounding kitty ever.  And she's at the same shelter that gave me Betty and Travis!!  They aren't open on Mondays and Tuesdays and don't open until noon.  But I think the new plan is to be there at noon tomorrow.

Jasper - Domestic Short Hair - Brown/Tabby - Brown Mix- small • Adult • Female
"Look at my dazzling eyes! I'm Jasper, and I am a tender soul who is looking for a forever home to call me own.I am a super-friendly lap-cat - some even call me "the purring machine"! I even get along with all other animals...I sure am a keeper! I love being held, and even riding in cars - I am pretty much perfect.
I have a funny little folded in ear - but I think it makes me unique & gives me even more personality!
Please come meet me today...I want to love you!"

jasper-2-x jasper-3-x jasper-x

Isn't she adorable??  I hope she's still there. I had kind of assumed the turnover was such that most of the ones online were no longer there but then badrobot68 added a comment that he had found his Emma online and adopted her from there six years ago so now I'm all hopeful!!

Betty is in denial so far.  She won't even look at the screen.

In other non-news, swim class at noon today.
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