Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I really think Betty needs a kitty

Again, just now Betty walked passed a perfectly clean litter box to poop on the living room carpet.  I give up.  She can use the litter box.  She always pees there and can and does sometimes poop there.  She now has two and they are freshly scooped within minutes of her using them.

The vet has no answer.  She seems perky.  This afternoon she jumped up onto the kitchen counter and pull down an 8" frozen brat onto the floor to try and eat it.  It was encased in plastic and I was sitting right freakin' here and heard the bang.  Geesus.

I'm afraid if I got another cat, she'd never let him or her get to a food bowl.  But, I'm wondering if maybe that's what she needs - competition - companionship - contention.

At least today, like last night, she pooped on the door mat which I can always toss if it gets too grody.  I put the second box on that mat.  Here's hoping.

She's a sweetie but she's working my last nerve.  Plus, on the way to find something else on my computer, I spied a photo of Travis trying to love my face to death.  I need another lover and Betty needs a foil.

Maybe Wednesday, I'll start the hunt.
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