Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Tonight, I'm sitting here watching TV and Betty walks right by me over to the door and proceeds to poop on the rug.  WTF???  And then she goes back to the kitchen and finishes her dinner.

I googled the shit out of it once again and discovered that this - occasional pooping outside the box is not at all uncommon but I can't find a decent answer for how to stop it.  I decided to try a second litter box.   When I went to the first one to get the litter, I discovered she had pooped there, too, within the last 3 hours.

Now there is an additional litter box in the living room where she can see it.  I'll gradually move it across the room to the corner where she can get to it and I don't have to look at it and no one coming in here can see it. If this works, I'll get a nice looking cabinet for it.  I am not living with a plastic litter box in my living room but I've got to put an end to this creative pooping!!!

And I'm also keeping notes. What she eats, when and when the pooping occurs.  GRRRRRR
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