Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What to do, what to do

I'm not all that hot to go find brunch today but I kind of feel like I should go do something even if it's just getting into the car and going to do brunch.  I might go all the way to Redmond.  There's a place - Pomegrante - that I've been to for dinner and work events and it was always heaven but that's been years and they do have a brunch.  Maybe I'll just do that.


Betty continues to be high maintenance.  She's taken to hanging out in the kitchen and whining for food every time I get near - even when she already has food in her bowl!  If I get the bowl and just re-pile the food that is there and put it back, she's happy.  She's pooped outside the box twice this week.

I'm beginning to wonder if she doesn't need another cat.  I'm not sure I want one but maybe she's had enough of this single cat thing.

I am relieved to be back to the old fashioned, environmentally insulting, heavy but oh so easy and nicer to work with litter.  It smells so much better, it's cheaper, it really does  clump better so the box stays cleaner.  I'm glad I tried the crunch granola stuff but the old fashioned stuff is so much better for me.


I think I watch and listen to too much news.  It just seems like there are only 4 - maybe 5 stories at any one time and each news show says the exact same things.

1. I'm done with the Pope.
2. I'm sorry the guy fell into the ground.
3. The federal politicians have no clue how to use the federal wallet.
4. Half the roads in Seattle are closed due to some charity run or road maintenance.

Everyone has an exclusive interview with a key or the second cousin or a key player in one of the above stories. I need to figure out a better way to find out what's going on.


I'm warming up to a Redmond road trip.  I think I'll get dressed and go do it.
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