Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got to the pool way more easily than I expected.  I found a parking spot in their tiny lot (and there were spots available even on the street).  I got there way too early but that was ok.

The class turned out to be great!  The instructor was one I had not had before. She was really big on interval work - each different exercise done at about 50% and then at 100%, etc. No slacking.

It was crowded but... it was crowded with my peops from Meadowbrook!!  My buddy, Diane, was there and Kathy and several others who's names I don't even know.  It was funny to see those people at a different pool.  And, turns out the pool isn't tiny.  Diane said that she thought it was bigger- I said it was smaller. I came home and checked and it's exactly the same size.  In fact all of the pools I go to regularly are the same size. I would have bet money that wasn't true.  Wild.

Oh and this class is not 45 minutes but is really a full hour.  Whew.

After class, I walked down the street several blocks and couldn't find anything interesting for breakfast.  So I walked back to the car and decided to try the other direction.  Half a block in, I hit pay dirt.  A nice little diner kind of place that was not crowded.  The food was good and it was comfortable.

And so now I think I have my Saturday routine for March!

I made a quick stop in Trader Joe's and then whipped through a car wash and came on home.

Now I'm listening to the ballgame while I do this n' that!
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