Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A different Saturday

For the past four weeks, I've had an art class on Saturdays.  For the past couple of years, I've gone to a swim class first thing on Saturday mornings at the Meadowbrook pool.

The art classes are over and Meadowbrook is closed til April.

My plan today is to go up to Queen Anne pool for a class at 9.  My expectations are low.  The Queen Anne pool is small and dark and dingy and the classes are crowded.  I've heard the Saturday morning class is really crowded.  The Queen Anne neighborhood is not that far but a royal bitch and a half to get to and very little available parking.

Hopefully, my expectation bar is so low, I won't even trip over it.  There are, I think, lots of opportunities for breakfast after class and a Trader Joe's within walking distance of the pool.

That's about it for the plan. It is not a weekend to be get carried away with todos.  Major highways are throttled or closed due to maintenance issues.  There's a giant convention downtown and a minor trade show here in my part of town and the Sounders will be playing their first soccer game of the season here tonight.

So I'll come on home and stay here, happily.

And that's the haps.  So far.
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