Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Putting off today's project...


Betty's bathroom is getting the total job today as soon as I quit procrastinating.  There will be an after photo.


There's a comic book convention in town this weekend and several people I follow on Twitter are in town for it. It's enormous fun to read about their Seattle adventures.  One guy raved about a restaurant last night that I've been meaning to try.  I'm enjoying their discovering of the coolness that is Seattle.


Three people in a forum I follow have reported spontaneous hairline cracks on their Galaxy Note 2's and one of the tech people who's podcast I never miss had his just die on him.  I'm now totally paranoid about mine.  I had been using the case that Verizon gave me - it's really just a flip top on a regular phone back.  I bought one for really cheap off Amazon that is an actual case - front and back.  I don't like it because it fattens the phone but it also pads it way better than what Verizon gave me.  I'm going to force myself to use it for a few days in hopes I will learn not to hate it.


I am over the whole Pope thing.


I got an email today from Blackberry thanking me for opening my account and requesting that I verify by clicking on the link.  It looked legit.  My guess is that some poor chick finally got the Blackberry she always wanted (like her friends have) and fucked up the back up email address right out of the box.  Sigh.


OkOkOk I'm done procrastinating...  I'm going in.
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