Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

the divorce is final

I realized this afternoon that my Costco account expires today.  So I made a trip.  They did not have the cupcakes that I wanted - still have Valentines Day cupcakes.  I couldn't think of anything else that I wanted 4 gallons of.  They did have a nice looking sound bar which I have been thinking about for my TV but I wasn't willing to shell out the even quite cheap $179.  And I'm still not convinced I'll be able to hear the TV better anyway.

So I walked out empty handed.  We're done. It's over and you can have custody of everything.  I'm good.


Swim class was great.  I ran into Cathy from the pool that is closed and she told me the class I plan to go to on Saturday is generally packed. I'm glad to know - I can set expectations and not get pissed off.  Madelene put on my shirt and pretty much disappeared into it.  I think she's moving on now.


I am so loving the Verizon speed.  Sprint, in Seattle, is just not doable.  I can't believe I tried for so long.  I have a speed test app on my phone and sometimes I just run it to enjoy seeing that needle whip over to FAST.

I have not heard from my CPA.  I generally am foggy about my tax situation since my income for the past 8 years as been so variable.  But this year, I seriously have no idea.  I could owe $5K or be getting a $5K refund.  or more either way. I have no clue.  Starting 2013, all years should look pretty much the same tax wise.

I have not heard from that Health Savings Account.  I'm going to give it until next week before I bug that benefits admin again.  I also need to decide if I'm going to keep my May eye doctor appointment. It's my 6 month cataract appointment and all is fine. I see great. and I see no reason to spend what will probably be about $75 for her to tell me I see great.  I have time to decide.
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