Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

a dozen years ago

12 years ago, this was a pretty memorable week. We had a Mardi Gras riot in the neighborhood and as I walked my half a block to work, about half the windows I passed were broken.  About 4 hours later, the rest of them bit it when we had a healthy earthquake. I made a quick and dirty web page for my mom.

We had a smaller one a few years after that - no damage that time.  And, that's been it.  I'm guessing we're due.  Ugh.


I have my swim class today.  One of my classmates is a tradition.  Madeline is, 75+, a retired school librarian and the definition of a little old lady.  My friend zimzat went to one of my Tuesday/Thursday classes that Madeline always attends and I wasn't going to be there.  I told him that as soon as he hit the water, a little white haired lady would come over and ask if he was new and tell him she was Madeline.  He reported that she did exactly that.  She's a kick.

I have some fleece shirts that I love. I have 5 of them each in a different color and she loves them but she's too little!  They are for fat girls only.  She even called the company with her measurements but they told her the shirts would swallow her.  She told me Tuesday that she was going to call back and see if she could get another operator who would find one to fit her.  Can't wait to hear.
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