Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

it's official. i'm allergic to cleaning.

Actually, I think it was inhaling 409 cleaner.  But, it nearly did me in.  I did manage to get the laundry done and put away.  I emptied out the pantry cupboards plus two deep drawers (it was one of those that was the killer - I sprayed the bottom with 409 to help get the residue out and put my face down in there while I was cleaning... my lungs did NOT like that at all).

If I can't see that I have stuff, I buy new stuff.  Turns out I have 3 jars of cayenne pepper - two with plastic still around the lids.  And 2 gallon jugs of white vinegar along with 2 smaller bottles of it.

So now my shelves have half the stuff on them that they did and I can see it all!  Nice.  Plus, they look nicer.

But whew.  I sucked down my rescue inhaler and still had to stop, sit and breathe and drink water to keep from coughing a couple of times.  It's way better now but jesus.  Even after 2 years of this problem, I can't seem to remember I have it until I've already fucked up.

Next project is cleaning out the litter box bench.  The box, the extra litter and tools and supplies are all in a blanket chest that has a hole cut in the side.  It needs everything taken out and all the spilled litter sucked up and everything washed down.  I have a painters mask I think I'll wear for that project and I'm going to not do it today!
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