Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice start to the week...

The Mariners came from behind (way behind) to a walk off victory in the bottom of the 9th.  Sweet.

I got my new garage door opener.  It's small - made to carry on your keychain - which was a concern because I keep it in a drawer in the dash which is tiny (hell, the whole car is tiny).  It will fit fine.  All is well garage-door-opener-wise speaking.

I'm having an issue now with the health savings account.  My ex-boss told me that his admin would send me the goods. I never got them.  Fortunately, he had copied that admin so I didn't have to go back to him but went to her.  'Ooops, I forgot' was the response.  She sent me the form to fill out which I did and shot it back to her.  She said she would send it in and I would get a package in the mail.  No package yet.  I totally get that they are not focused on me and that she, particularly, has no dog in the hunt but I hate having to keep going back saying 'hey, it's me... remember???'.   Oh well.  I'll give it until next week.  Thankgod I was smart enough to plan ahead and make sure my doctor's appointments weren't in the 1st quarter of the year and I stocked up on drugs before the new insurance kicked in.  Whew.

The pool was packed today.  My fun Asian couple weren't there but hippy guy who uses my lane and is always so nice, was so it was good.  Some chick was getting some photography done. She was on the diving board and on the launch pad and doing a lot of standing around waiting for the photog to get his shit together. She was cute but not glamorous.  Nonethless it was fun to watch the guys try to swim laps and pretend they weren't looking while staring at her.

The bear chair is getting seriously crowded.  This happens at the end of every month. I'll line them up for a proper shot probably Wednesday or Thursday when I finish the month's worth and then pack them up for delivery...

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