Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I TiVo'd the oscars last night and kind of followed along mostly in fast forward.  Jennifer Lawrence won it for me. Her dress and her attitude and remarks were just tops in my book.  I really did like the dress even if it was a little dangerous. I thought she handled it and the spill very gracefully.

I thought the Michelle Obama thing was incredibly weird but geeze.  Is there anything that woman can't do with grace and style and total competence????  I was thinking while watching her flawless delivery that I am sorry that I will not be around to see what she does with all of the rest of her life.

The rest of the show - Seth McFarland in particular - was a disaster in my book.  But, the oscars are really not that big a deal for me anyway.  And Kristen Chenowith (I'm sure that's spelled wrong but I don't care.) just annoys me no end.


I think Betty and I have, indeed, created a feeding situation that ticks all our boxes.  No dried food at all.  Canned food - lots of it - in the morning.  A little at lunch.  A little at dinner and a snack before bed.  She's not whining all the time.  She's not throwing up and so far, the poop is in the box.  Whew.  What a rough patch this has been.


I finally got an email response from PayPal that sounds like the person who answered understood my question and knew the answer. And the answer sounds credible. Discover will put the money on my new card since it's within 30 days of cancelling the old one.  We'll see.


I just finished listening to the most interesting audiobook - novel - Me Before You.  It was a most compelling read. As I listened, I argued with the author in my head about how the characters would have acted or reacted but when I got to the end, I realized she'd been right all along.  It was good. Really good.


No swim class today.  I plan to go to my nearby pool when it opens at 11 and just do my own thing to my own music for a bit.  One of the people in my class got a CD of miscellaneous good swim workout tunes and gave me a copy.  So I even have new music.  Baseball at noon and the other usual events o' the day are planned.
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