Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday afternoon I developed, for no reason, the pissy-est attitude.  I was just bummed and mad and depressed. It was weird since it is not my go to state - especially with no reason.  It wasn't that much fun.

Today all that is gone.  Whew.  The cat feeding situation continues to improve.  No dry food.  Betty thew up last night BUT it was the dry heaves like she used to do - like she did for the first 10 years of living here.  Not pleasant to listen to but oh so much easier to clean up!!  This morning she's eaten most of a 5 oz can and a 3.5 oz can of food.  She's the super model of cats - eat, eat, eat and never gain an ounce.  Bitch.

I'm having fun with PayPal.  I got a refund of $99 which they applied to the credit card that was cancelled.  I sent them an email asking them to move it to the new card.  I keep getting email saying that they have done that but their website keeps telling me they have not.  I'm not worried.  They will get it right eventually.

This upcoming week has nothing on the calendar except swimming and bear delivery on Friday. It's so nice to have all these days just for me and whatever comes along.

Today I see brunch, drawing, baseball and knitting in my crystal ball with maybe some Academy Awards for dessert.  Oh and I have two movies from the library and another hold to pick up.
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