Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

what to do, what to do

I've got a half dozen debates over totally inconsequential stuff going on in my head.

Except art class - that's consequential cause it's $100.  I signed up for the follow on class but I think I'm going to cancel.  I might do it another time but I think I want to do some stuff on my own for a while.  And not have my drawing mind space crowded with stuff I really never will care about - perspectives, still life, stuff like that.  I want to make colorful flat pictures on my phone for a while.

And the universe wants me to.  Autodesk's SketchBook Pro - one of the best mobile drawing programs is having a sale in the Google Play store today for $.99.  It's a sign, I tell you.

So I think I will.

Swimming was good but sad.  Everyone will now scatter out to other pools for the next 5 weeks.  If I don't do more art classes, I can do a shallow end class at my regular pool or a deep end at a pool just on the other side of downtown.  Both of them are at 9.

And Betty's food. I have cut way back on the dry and she has cut way back on the throwing up.  I think we may be on to something here. Since I'm here all the time, I can feed her all day long and since she sure isn't overweight, I can feed her as much as she wants.  I think we'll stick to canned food for a while.

My neighbor, Ann, just came in to bitch about Comcast.  They don't know how to operate their heComcast set top box - the one they have had now for a couple of years.  "What they tell us to do, never works - even when I write it down."  Oh and it's too expensive. They think if they could could get a dish all their problems would be solved.  I'd be a little more sympathetic if every single fucking time she starts in, she has to start with 'first of all their telephone people need to speak English - they should hire Americans'.   GRRRRRRRR

The Mariners tanked yesterday and won today.  They tried to lose in the 9th inning but failed.

I'm all stressed and tense today and I honestly don't know why.  I need a chill pill.
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