Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Betty let me win this time.  I put the food away again last night and there was no throwing up and no pooping but she only cleaned up a few of the crumbs, not all of them.  And she didn't claw my nose off this morning.  I opened my eyes to see her sitting right next to my face but just sitting.  It's possible we could be at some kind of truce.  Fingers are crossed.


The big action today is the baseball game which starts at noon.  Most Spring training games are pretty much yawners but the first one is special.  The first regular season game is April 1st which is also the day my Saturday pool opens back up.


My bank sent me a thing about signing  up for their rewards program last week.  I figured what the hell so I did.  Today there is a $30 annual fee on my account.  WTF???  Unless your 'rewards' is a ripped naked guy in my bedroom whenever I want, you can give me back my $30, please.

I called. I'm told the charge will be removed by midnight tonight.


Since nearly all my spending is done via my Discover card, I check the balance and activity usually in the mornings and at night.  I also use their site to look up older expenditures and track my spending cycles.  It's kind of a hole in my cyber life being locked out.  Strange.  Maybe, maybe the new card will come today?  If I really need to buy something I can use my Visa card or my debit card but that's going to fuck up my Discover tracking.  I want my card!


I need to do a little wash this morning. I forgot to hang up my suit and towel after swimming yesterday.  It's time to wash that suit and the backup suit anyway. I don't like to wash them often but once in a while is good.  These Krinkle suits are not the prettiest I've ever had but man do they last.  I've worn one now for more than a year and only the lining shows any wear at all.  I never found any other brand that lasted more than 3 months or so.

Guess I'll get up and get at it!
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