Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Digiorno frozen personal pizza seemed to be less cardboardy than most.

Building manager, Scott, says not to worry.  He'll figure me out a work around for the garage door opener issue.

Clearly I pissed off some abs in yesterday's swim class.  I know it wasn't from today's class cause today's instructor was Dave The Clueless and we didn't do much of anything but laugh and make mocking face at each other.

I'm loving 'painting' pictures on my phone.  I'm working on a big piece now.  I'm about 15% done.

Tomorrow is the first baseball game - I think it's exhibition.  I don't care, I can't wait. I hope I can stream it or get it on my phone.  It's on AM radio but unless I get in the car and out of the garage I can't get AM Wonder of wonders!  MLB got their At Bat program in the store BEFORE the first Spring Training game!  Yeah.  Problem solved.  My new phone has really good speakers. I'll be able to hear the game with no probs.

It looks like we are going to get exactly zero snow flakes this year.  Sigh.
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