Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Battling Betty

I am now convinced that Betty's occasional random pooping is a message for me.  When she's pissed at me, she poops outside the box.  I just know it.  (And, I'm sooooo grateful she does not pee outside the box.)

She has always been a thrower upper.  But since Travis died, I have narrowed down a pretty specific pattern.  She always does it in the early mornings - like 4ish.

From the time I go to bed until I wake up, all she has to eat is dry kibbles.  I'm working on the theory that she's either eating too many of them or dry kibbles alone are not agreeing with her.

So last night, I put both her dry kibble bowl and her empty can food bowl away before I went to bed.  Within 10 minutes she had pooped in the front hall way.  BUT...  there was no throwing up!!

I keep both her bowls on a rubber mat in the kitchen. That mat is always surrounded by stray kibble and dried canned food that she drops. It makes me crazy.  I clean it off once a day and, yet, it stays a mess of crumbs.

Last night, when I picked up the bowls, there were a ton of crumbs. I just left them.  This morning when I got up there was not a crumb anywhere. I laughed out loud.  No throwing up and no crumbs.  Betty, my dear, poop away.  It's Susan 2 and Betty 1.  I'm winning.


About a year and a half ago, I swapped parking spaces with a guy - Larry - who lives upstairs.  He wanted a bigger spot for his bigger car and wanted it on one of the lower levels.  I wanted on on the ground level - it was the perfect deal.  We both remain delighted with the swap.  BUT...  now they are changing the garage door openers out.  The deal is that starting tomorrow, we can pick up our new one and on March 1, they will switch out the doors and the old ones won't work.

The rule is that if you have swapped parking places with someone, you must pick up the remote for your door and do the swap on your own.

Larry is in Mexico until March 4.  His car is in my slot.  So on March 1, I can leave but I won't be able to get back in.

This could be a problem.  Hopefully, there's a little bendy in their rules.


Swim class today at my regular pool - the one that broke on Tuesday - with my regular swim peops and I have two movies ready for pick up at the library.
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