Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Sherry, the designer who designed my condo, is on Front Door TV Network letting workers and their stuff in.  It's such a weird experience to see.  The only other times I've ever seen it has been when my condo has been in an upheaval of change and usually she is a day or more late and I am at the end of my rope and sooooo wanting it all to be over.

Today she, and her workmen, aren't even coming up to my floor.  My neighbors Sherry and Lee have hired her to do some work on their condo.  They are getting hardwood floors and, I think, some painting done.  Better them than me.

While I absolutely love the space she has created for me in all the times she's been here, having stuff done to my house is a sure path to driving me crazy.

Sherry and Lee's unit is down one level and at the far end of the building.  So their outside view is now the new building.  While I wouldn't mind this really, they are devastated.  Lee told me that if the new floors and paint don't make them feel better in there, they are moving.  They moved in minutes after I did more than 20 years ago.

It's rather easy for me to be cavalier about the new building.  1. I love looking into other buildings.  2.  Half of my view is really untouched.  3. I'm delighted to have even more of that horrid morning sun blocked out.

But, I really do get that most people aren't like me.


Yesterday and today I'm playing around with the more complicated features of my new phone and trying to learn the drawing programs.  Normal people would never have the time to fool with this shit.  Happily, I'm not normal at all.  hmmm seems to be a theme here.


I think I might go to Meadowbrook (the pool way out that I go to on Saturdays) today for their 1:30 class.  I think my normal pool is probably fixed but there's no class there today for me.


They are replacing all the garage door openers in the building in the next week or so. I have no clue why.  It's bound to be an expensive deal and a royal pain in the ass to do.  Condo people, in general, are not reasonable  people.  A change like this can bring out the really ugly in normally ugly people.  My rule of thumb is that unless I am willing to serve on the condo board,  I will embrace whatever the board decides to do.  If I ever do decide to serve on the condo board, I will, at the same time, register with the Hemlock Society.
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