Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I even checked the website before I left

I don't go to the pool website often but I happen to this morning to look up something.  They still had their Closed for President's Day sign up.

But when I got there, there were signs all over the doors saying the pool is closed!!  My friend, Madeline, and the front desk person, Beauchanon, were there chit chatting.  Mechanical failure.

I was crushed.  Madeline asked if i wanted to go get coffee instead so that's what we did.

Then I came home and took my suit off.  (I always suit up at home and then all I have to do when I get there is strip off my pants and top and I'm ready.)

I should take a shower and wash my hair since I would have done that after swimming - if the pool's still closed tomorrow, things could get stinky.


I like pizza a lot.  And it's one of the few foods that does not work well for single people.  The smallest delivery pizza is too big.  About once a year, I try the frozen single pizzas.  Every time, I remember, two chews into the first bite, how much like cardboard they taste.  This weekend I got a DiGirono's and a California Pizza.  I had teh California's just now.  Ugh.  Maybe the DiGirono's will be better.


I often look at people - particularly women - and wonder what else is in their closet... what options for what to wear were passed over for the outfit they have on today.

I dress like a man does - I almost always wear the top of the pile.  I pick the pants off the top of the stack.  Then, generally depending on the weather, I pick the top off the winter stack or the summer stack.
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