Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

this n' that of today

Betty and I continue to have food issues. Betty has lived here for 12 years now.  For most of those 12 years she has been part of a cat duo - sharing food and water and litter box.  She's now been an only cat for 6 months and for 6 months we've had food issues.

I find a brand of food she likes and I buy several cans and she still likes it so I buy a bunch and then she hates it.  Every. Single. Time.   She throws up about once every other day and she's still pooping now and again (maybe once every couple of weeks) in odd place.

She's a cat, I know but she's a diva cat.  But, she's a sweet diva cat.

This morning I mixed the stuff she's now decided she hates with stuff she likes.  It's pate so kind of hard to separate and yet, she did a pretty good job.  Sigh.


Swimming today.  Yeah.  It's a class.


I have a weird cough today.  It's like a dust-in-the-air cough.  I'm holding off on the rescue inhaler until closer to class time and hoping that just evaporates the cough.  I do not want cough and/or breathing issues.  Thankyouverymuch.

I passed a guy in a wheelchair the other day outside a coffee shop smoking a cigarette.  He was wearing an oxygen tube.


Woot is having a Woot off.  I hate that. I always buy Shit I Don't Need.  I'm going to double down my efforts and see if I can ignore it this time.


I have a bear who needs ears.  I'm coming, little bear!!!
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