Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

finally... i learn

Today I went to brunch and stuffed myself and <i>then</i> went to the grocery.  It was amazing how many ordinarily hard to resist items did not appeal at all. In fact, I went to the fancy grocery first and nothing looked good plus it was all about double what it is at the normal grocery so I got in the car and went to the normal grocery and laid in stuff for the week but not nearly what I would have gotten if I was hungry!

Finally, as I near my 64th birthday, I'm learning...  there's hope, my little chickadees!!!

No one in this house has done any laundry in forever.  I think tomorrow is laundry day. Yeah, today could be but, heck, it's half shot already and tomorrow's wide open.

I did register for the second drawing class.  the debate is over.  I was getting weary of arguing with myself.

There's a guy who has posted more than 150 youtube videos with tips and tricks on how to use the various features of my new phone ( and I'm addicted.  His pace is good and sometimes a little too fast so I have to stop him to catch up.  But mainly, I'm playing 'just one more' and watching the hours go missing!

I'm going to stop now.  Mainly cause I have to pee.
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