Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just discovered that the camera on my new phone can be set for voice activation!  I just took the Today's Basket shot by holding up the camera and saying Shoot!  Good thing it also doesn't burst shoot when you giggle out loud cause I'd had a bunch o' basket pictures.

I seriously thought about skipping swimming today.  No particular reason.  But then I realized that Monday is a holiday and it will be Tuesday before I can get back in the pool so I went and it was fine and good.

Then on to drawing class which was also good.  I don't think I'm going to be a drawer but when I can sit and listen to this guy go on and on for 2 hours and not even realize that 2 hours have passed, I think there might be something there.  So I think I'm going to re-up for the follow on class.  Four more weeks also on Saturdays at the same time in the same place starting the week after this one ends.

After class I was hungry so I headed out to find lunch and ended up at one of my favorite brunch spots but this time had their hamburger and OMG.  That sucker was perfection.

Home now.  In the mail today was 4 letters from Verizon.  One thanking me for my business.  One thanking me for signing up for autopay.  One thanking me for registering on their website.  And one thanking me for signing up for NO PAPER and pledging not to send me any more.  It was amusing.

I also got my property tax bill which I had forgotten about.  Happily I have the $$, so I just moved it from savings to checking and paid the bill online.  Done.  Nice.  Next big hit will be federal income tax.  I have no clue what that damage will be.

Now it is 3 pm. Where the fuck did the afternoon go???

I think I'll watch one of the movies I checked out from the library.
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