Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

whew and yeah!!

Today has been accomplishments.  My ASUS laptop is back.  The power plug is not more snug BUT at least plugging it in and unplugging it does not kill it so yeah.  The wifi is acceptable.  It is not capable of using the faster wifi band but it is ok with 2.4.

They did wipe the machine clear (which I had authorized them to do) but they set the screen resolution to really funky, hard to read but I got it fixed.  All is good.

I got the screen protector off my phone and more than 2/3rd of my money back.  Then I went to the fat girls store and bought a nice pair of pants - black trousers that I can wear anywhere.  Now I have sufficient clothes options for any occasion.  Yeah.

The regular swim class instructor wasn't there but the sub turned out to be one of my favorites - Kelsey.  She used to teach Saturday mornings but then moved to another pool and I hadn't had one of her classes in a long time.  It was great fun.

Now I'm home and all is fine and dandy.

Oh and I'm behind on laundry so I'm out of my favorite shirts and discovered that my next favorite shirts (of which I have several) have cuffs long enough to cover up my hand splotches!!!  score!!
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