Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am so enamored with my new phone.  It's so fun and easy.  The hardware is beautiful and a great size.  The Samsung+Android software is really nice and intuitive.  But probably the thing that puts it over the top for me is Verizon.  The data speed is just wow. My other phones had browsers and email and the ability to access Google+ and LJ but the service was so slow that it was just not fun or useful.  Now it's fun and there's so much more.

Last night I got an email with my first monthly bill.  It was not way more than I expected and I followed the links and easily discovered why it was more (activation fee which I knew about and had forgotten).

Sprint was always charging me way more than I expected - especially the first bill after I changed phones or plans and finding out what and why was always an archaeological dig and/or even worse, a  phone call.

I was a little concerned about moving from unlimited data to a 2GB cap but 1. Verizon gives me several easy to use tools to monitor my data use and 2.  I can't see how I'm even going to come close to the cap.  If I do it will be a one-off that I'll be happy to pay for.

I'm so glad I pulled this trigger.

The Ghost Armor deal, not so much.  This phone has a special stylus that is great fun to use and is creating tracks in the fancy, expensive screen protector that Ghost Armor put on.  I wrote to their HQ to see if there was a fix and got a pretty rude note saying that they would give me my money back for the protector but not for the installation.  Bite Me.  So I'm off to the mall today to go back to that booth and get at least some of my money back.  And get this damn thing off my phone.

I have a flip cover on the phone and it is gorilla glass. I'm using it commando from here on out.

At least the Ghost Armor mall is on the way to the pool so I'll do it on my way to class.

I got an email last night from the city pool person about my suggestion to publicize who's teaching what class and he liked it!!  He's going to run it by the pool coordinators.  I can't wait to tell my pool buddies.  The two who, with me, would really love this, often attend today's class, so I'm hoping they are there today.


A while back, someone online sent me to Target for their branded 'breathe rite' strips.  Initially, I was very impressed.  But now, not so much.  They are ok, but often come off in the night.  Last night I used one of the expensive Breathe Right ones and oh it's really so much better. I hate to even take it off now because I can breathe so much better.  At night it's great because it keeps me from sleeping with my mouth open and creating that horrible mouth desert.

Everything I've read says that breathing in through your nose gives your lungs a much better chance.  My lungs need all the chances they can get.  So maybe I'll just leave it on.  Plastic on my nose and red blood splotches on my hands...  quite the fashion statement.  Ok nose gear off, gloves on.
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