Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A raspberrry for FedEX

The tracking for my laptop coming home shows that the delivery date has been changed from today to tomorrow.  The entry says "At local FedEx facilty - Package not due for delivery".  WTF??? Are they just going to hang on to it for a giggle???  If I was rabid about it, I suspect that I could call and go pick it up.  I have done that before with FedEx. UPS doesn't offer that here but FedEx does.  I might just do that.

Well, just called and it's still 'containerized' so it really won't get here until tomorrow and I can't pick it up today.  Ok, moving on.


Today I will get the tax return out the door and to the CPA.  Much of my end is electronic which is way better than paper even if the software my accountant uses is vintage 2000.  He does require a whole lot of trees be killed, however. He mails me a letter with instructions. I have to mail him the paper (he won't take scans) and then he mails me the electronic agreement to sign which I have to mail back to him.  I think in about 5 more years, we can cut out the mailing but maybe not.  He's tedious but her works well and easily with my investment guy and honestly, I think tedious is not a bad trait for a CPA.  I'm not looking for a federal jail vacation.


I have swim class today at the pool near my house with my buds.  We had Kyle the good teacher last time and when class was over he said 'I'll see you Thursday' so... I'm feeling optimistic that we'll get him again.  He's the only good one at that pool.

I do with they would publish the class schedules with the instructors listed.  I've been doing this long enough now to know a whole lot of the instructors in the city.  It would be great to look up and see who's teaching  where today. I'd be far more incentivized to go to far flung pools if I knew, when I got there, the class would be worth the trip.


This entry is taking forever because I started out complaining about FedEx and then stopped and called them. Then I get to the pool stuff and stop, look up the name and email address of the person in charge of the aquatics program and send her a note asking for instructor lists.

Now I need to end it and get going on my day!
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