Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

when good things happen to good people

My brother's niece (by marriage), Amy, works in his PC repair shop and is his #2. (He is also personally quite fond of her and thinks of her, in every way, as his daughter.)  Amy takes some crap.  She's a female and she's a lesbian.  My brother has turned away customers who have an issue with the latter (there have been, fortunately,  only a few).  But the former, is an issue they both fight.  People bring in their computers to have them fixed and assume she is the receptionist.  The two guys in the shop and my brother are all talented and competent but Amy is the glue.

She has the education, the experience and the chops and routinely makes complicated hardware and software fixes every day plus handles the giant variety of customers from geeks to little old ladies with grace.  The shop is about a half hour north of Austin, Texas.  My brother set up a Dropcam in the shop so I could see and hear the happenings. I keep it on a lot of the day in the background.  

Yesterday Amy spent a whole lot of time with one customer.  She fixed his computer issues (minor) and then just chatted with him about various fun things.  They teased each other back and forth.  It was fun.  He's 93.

Today he sent her a HUGE beautiful bouquet of flowers in a lovely and very classy looking vase.  

The whole thing just made my day.
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