Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For reasons I'm not entirely clear on, I get these ugly blood bruises on my hands and arms if I even lightly knock against anything.  They don't hurt but they look so gross. If they were on the back of my thighs I would not give a shit since I couldn't see them but I look at my hands and arms all day long.  I have taken to wearing long sleeves whenever possible.  In winter, this actually helps, I think, providing a kind of cushion.  My sleeves aren't thick enough in Summer to help much but at least it covers them up.

Lately I'd been doing so well.  My a20130212_152034.jpgrms are mostly ugly blotch free and I had only one  spot on my right hand.  And then today came.  I went swimming (water does not cause the bruises, thankfully) and spent the rest of the day working on the newsletter.  Where the fuck is the bump in that????

Then I went to empty the litter box and gather the trash.  Fuck and fuckity fuck.  I now have two spots on one hand and one nice, dark fresh one on the other.

It's not like my hands look all that grate anyway, they are old and wrinkled and dried up looking and now we can add plague like splotches to the mix.  I think I'm going to put gloves on and never take them off.
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