Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My insurance is showing correctly on the Regence site. Yeah!!  I still don't have the savings account info but it will come and there is time to make it all reconcile.  I know it will start off with $300 in it which will be nice and might even cover my drug costs for most of the year if I'm lucky and stay healthy.

And my laptop...

And, even though it's still not showing on the ASUS RMA status page, I finally called today and learned that my laptop is on the way home!  It will be here on Thursday and I even got a tracking number.  Nice.

And Sprint...

I set up my old phone to send and receive calls via the internet.  Now I need to decide if I want to keep it as a back up or sell it.  I really don't need it but can't get anywhere near what it's worth, I don't think.  I guess I'd do good to research on recent eBay sales.

I did verify with Sprint that the divorce is final.  It was a good run - 14 years.  But this new chick, Verizon, she's got legs, baby and she knows how to run.

So thinks are finally getting tidy.  

I also found new faucets for the kitchen and bathroom for Amyworks to install but I think I'll put those in next month's budget. No hurry and there's been enough excitement this month.

Today I have more newsletter work for my brother, swim class, a stop at the grocery and at the library (two DVD's that I had on hold are ready for pickup)...  busy day!!
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