Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good Day!

Amyworks just left and my door is FIXED - beautifully.  She says she can also replace the faucets in my bathroom and kitchen so now I need to find what I want and call her to come back. She was really really nice.


My phone number is all ported and working just like I want it to.  The phone number I've had for more than 20 years is now in Google Voice.  When that number is called my new phone rings, the little backup burner I keep rings... and, actually, my Sprint phone rings but I suspect that will stop soon.  I will formally cancel it later this week.  

I just went down and tested it on the front door.  When I get locked out, I can go the front door, punch in my number and use my phone to unlock the door!

But, mainly, now I am no longer locked into any company... except Google.  If Google goes wonky, my whole life does anyway so no biggie.


I spent all morning working on my brother's newsletter and now they've decided (rightly) that they want all the graphics to have a different tint so I get to do it again which is fine by me. I'm really enjoying the work - a lot.


Oh and the people building the building outside my window as well as the neighborhood association have asked to see the photos I've taken from my perspective.  I need to gather them all up into a group so I can send them a link.  One of the few things that my Chomebook won't do is work with the Flickr organizing tool.  Glad I have other options.
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