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Monday Monday

Last night I discovered that my new phone is a digital sketch pad!  It has a stylus and there are a bunch of drawing and sketch apps and ones that teach you to draw and sketch.  It's wild and fun.  I started one of the teaching apps last night and lost two hours in a flash.

Today I have things to do!  My brother says he will not finalize his newsletter until Thursday so I can polish and fix to my heart's content.  I do need more memory on my desktop and he's sending it to me.  I think there is a good bit of stuff I can do even until it gets here.

This afternoon, Amy, the handy (wo)man comes to fix my laundry closet door.  I'm also going to see if she can replace the faucets in my kitchen and one of the bathrooms.  Both are really old looking and they bug me. They work fine. It's an aesthetics thing.

I also need to make a grocery run.  Someone's running low on catfood.  Plus I have two cans that need an opener and the last time I used my can opener, it broke. I keep forgetting to get a new one.

I got an email this morning from a woman bitching about my teddy bear pattern.  Not only is it incredibly difficult to understand, she thinks it's incorrect and she's pissed.  

I've gotten email about the bear and the fish pattern (the two knitting patterns I have created and have on line) before. They have always been polite questions and or thank you notes.  I offer both patterns for absolutely free and spell out that 1. I am not a pattern maker and both are likely to have issues and 2. I don't care what anyone does with either - they can sell their stuff, copy the patterns, pass them off as their own, I don't care.

This woman - who's email address is from Canada (but, from the tone of her note, I'm sure she's from the NE of the United States originally) - was not only pissed enough to send the first note, when I wrote back and acknowledged that there are likely errors in the pattern, answered her questions and gave her tips on how to get passed the rough spots, she sent ANOTHER note pointing out how horrible my actions were to her.

I do hope she feels better for telling me off.  Anger over a free teddy bear knitting pattern seems pretty sad to me.


Years ago (at least 13), the Seattle Mens Chorus did an Abba concert. I went to the last performance and was so disappointed I could not see it again immediately.  They have done wonderful things since but it is still my favorite ever.  

They are doing another Abba concert in April!  And, they have a 'preview' on the weekend just following my birthday.  I'm so excited.  Today is the first day you can call for tickets and I'm waiting for the box office to open.  This time, I think I will go to the preview and probably the concert as well!  Dancing Queen for the Win!!!


No word from ASUS on my notebook and, oddly, no response to my last email asking about it.  Tomorrow, it will have been there a week.  I'm going to give it until Friday and then, if no word, I will call.  Their RMS status page is still acting as if it never heard of me.


LJ spam gets me in two ways.  I have my account set up to send me email when I get a comment. So I get email when I get spam as well.  And the spam uglies up my journal.  I've decided to let go of the latter.  I have it set so that no one can see the spammy comments but me, and it's only a little OCD that makes me want to delete every one.  But, it's gotten too big a chore.  I have set up an email filter that bypasses the inbox and send the fuckers right to a folder.  I got 12 last night.  But not having them in my inbox is heaven.  Now I can move on with my life! hahah


Betty is begging for breakfast seconds...
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