Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Morning ritual of retiree...

This morning I realized that I have a distinct routine these days...

The alarm is the radio which goes off at 7 (except on Saturdays when it goes off at 6 for swim class) and I listen to NPR news until I have to pee so badly that I have to get up.  I get coffee and feed Betty and go back to bed and pull out the computer.

Today as usual:

I checked email.
I checked my bank account.
I checked Discover.
I checked ASUS (no sign of my laptop yet)
I checked Regence (no sign of health insurance change yet)
I checked LJ.
I checked G+.
I checked Twitter.
I'm updating LJ and then I'll play a computer game until I get bored with the news and then I'll get up and get dressed.

Not a bad way to start the day actually... 


My brother is going to start sending out a newsletter to his customers every month. He's got a template he gets from somewhere that has some content in it and then he adds stuff.  It's actually a nice little piece.  Anyway he sent it to me yesterday for proof reading.  It had about 45 different fonts so I asked him if he'd let me work on the formatting and he said GREAT.

Turns out it's in Microsoft Publisher. I don't have Publisher. So he sent me a link and a key.  The link was to an ISO.  The drawer on my RW DVD drawer sticks and I could not get it open. So I dug out my portable RW drive and started the burn.  It took and then after an age, it failed.  Then I downloaded an ISO extractor and ran it (which too less time than digging out the portable DVD drive!) - doh.  I clicked on setup and got an error message to uninstall the 32 bit Office. ???  There was a never used Office 2010 trial.  Which took forever to delete.  FINALLY I got Publisher installed.

I was able to fix all the fonts and the links and got it looking nice except the masthead which was graphics.  My old PC just choked. I finally got it done but whew.  This is a desktop machine which has some age on it.  But it's a beautiful machine that I do not want to die.  I don't think reloading Windows will do much but I can double the memory and I'll do that.

My brother is going to let me fix his newsletter every month which will be fun and interesting. And a lot easier if I don't have to wait 30 seconds between clicks.


Today, I need to get to JoAnn's Fabrics. I have a coupon and I need bear suffing. Then on to swim class.  


I know everyone is dreading the blizzard but I really have serious snow envy.  We barely got cold again this year.  Sigh.

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