Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I usually get up in the night several times to pee and/or get a drink of water.  Last night I did not get up once. I did think I heard massive rain (rare since my bed is nowhere near a window) but I didn't wake up enough to even check the time.  I finally got up this morning and peed and went back to sleep for another two hours.  No clue what I need that much sleep for but it was luxurious to be able to just snuggle in under the quilt and know that I could do it for as long as I wanted.

UPS says that ASUS got my laptop on Tuesday.  ASUS says nada. They have this lovely RMA status page which continues to say they do not have my computer.  I sent them another note today asking WTF.

My health insurance is still in question. I'm pretty sure all is fine but I have no proof.  The website/insurance company has not yet been informed that the policy has changed.  My ex-boss uses this guy to handle all his insurance stuff.  Said guy eventually gets it done but has a long history of Taking His Own Sweet Time getting stuff right.  If I wasn't so dependent on these lovely inhalers and/or not retired with plenty of time to focus on this shit, it wouldn't matter.  So really, the problem is me, not them.

I plan to go to swim class today and have a couple of other errands to do and I need to do more drawing homework.

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