Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The divorce is nearly complete

The Costco divorce, that is.  I went back this afternoon to get more cupcakes and they didn't have any.  They had another kind, not the kind I wanted.  Turns out, according to a guy in the bakery, sometimes they have them and sometimes they don't.  i left and thought, while I'm there, I should get gas if the line wasn't too long.  The line wasn't too long but, turns out, I can't buy gas there.  They don't accept cash or my ATM card.  My membership ends at the end of the month.  I may make one last run in a few weeks but I think we're done.

I did pass by the cellphone booth at Costco.  I was hopping to get a chatty salesman interested in talking deal but, turns out I am invisible.  Oh well.  Just as well, actually.

Now that I know what new phone I want, it's hard not to buy it.  I really really really don't need a new  phone.  I would like some data speed.  Sprint's one bit per hour is getting on my last nerve.  But it looks like the cheapest plan on the other carriers is still $30 more than what I'm paying now. Fast bits cost.  Sigh. I'm not ready to plunk down bucks for a phone I don't need on Sprint.

Betty says it's time for dinner. I say no dinner before 5.  She says it's 5 somewhere.   

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