Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Overnight curing

I did my class homework yesterday and I was not impressed.  Today I did the class cat again and again, not impressed but I looked at the yesterday homework today and it looked much better than it did yesterday. So, I'm thinking today's cat will look better tomorrow.  Overnight curing.

I've always been a giant fan of food leftovers, too.  If you just leave stuff alone, let it rest and comeback later, things just seem better.

What doesn't seem better is house odors.  Every once in a while - not every time - when Anita cooks and fills the house with delicious smells, the next day those delicious smells turn stale and no longer nice.  The good news about living in a loft with no real to-the-ceiling walls is that everything is open air.  The bad news with no real to-the-ceiling walls is that everything is open air.  I just - again - strayed the joint with odor eliminator.

But just now - surprise! - the fix walked in the door.

When I cut the housecleaner back from every other week to once a month, she heard once every 4 weeks.  I was expecting her next Wednesday - the 2nd Wednesday of the month - but she says our deal is once every 4 weeks.  I'm actually glad she's here today so I'm cool with her plan.  She says from now on she'll send me an email the night before.  Works for me!  

When she finishes cleaning the house will not smell like stale cooking but like fresh cleaning. I can live with that.

I'm sitting out the pool one more day to see if my foot can get more better.  I think I'll go tomorrow regardless.  I'll put some antibiotic cream and a bandage on it when I get out of the pool until it's healed.  It will take longer but it's not infected or horrible or worth spending any more days out of the pool.  Especially since all of March two of my pool days will be gone when my Friday/Saturday pool closes for maintenance.

Today I got my last unemployment check.  The end.  I'm actually kind of relieved.  Part of me logically understood that taking the payments was fine and ethical and silly not to, another part of me felt really guilty about it.  So I'm glad it's over.  My emergency reserves are healthy and I have enough coming in from investments to live comfortably on.  

I'm all caught up on Downton Abbey and have 3 more House of Cards episodes.  In 16 days we start baseball games.  Yeah!!

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