Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Chef Anita is whipping up some amazing smells.  It always happens she cooks all day and creates intoxicating aromas but because she's in the kitchen, I don't get any lunch.  I have, a couple of times, made myself a sandwich ahead of time but today i figured I'd go around the block and buy something off the Skillet food truck but when I got there the line was about 30 minutes out from ordering.  Not worth it.  So I came home and had some cheese and crackers.

I've killed a lot of today fucking around with the wifi signals some more. I'm a good bit smarter but still not quite smart enough.  It's better but only best just after I reboot the router.  I'm going to watch and see if it really degradates or if I just think it does.  Still kills me that my phone never fails to get every last bit of wifi speed every single time.  That tells me that the problem just can't be in the router.  But, what the fuck do I know?

I did end up walking from my house to the grocery and another shop and then back around my house and into the back of the next block and home.  Google says it's a little more than 2 miles.  I walked too fast for some of it and got really out of breath.  I walked more slowly for the rest and only did ok.  I am totally trashing the idea of cutting back on my breathing drugs. They are pricey but damn those things work.

An 85 year old man in an assisted living center near here yesterday shot the facilities director with whom he was arguing and , who, he said, had been bullying him for months.  I am so sorry that neither my mom or her mom were alive for that one.  They would have sent him bullets.  Neither of them were in bad places and, actually, they both loved the centers they lived (and died in) and were grateful but both of them totally get where that 85 year old is coming from and would have saluted his initiative.

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