Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Chef Anita Tuesday

Chef Anita's in the kitchen making it smell delicious.

I'm resting from router wars. Thanks to howeird finally found info and good tips on how to better manage my wireless network and my expectations of it.  I have a dual band router.  One bad is FAST with a puny signal.  one band is SLOW (relatively) with a good signal.  I had set them up with the same SSID name and made it dealers choice.  

Today I went in and gave each a distinct name so that I know which device is using which band and am able to set my expectations accordingly.  A PIA to get everything re set up correctly but all is ok now and far more easy for me to tell at a glance what the speed should be.

A couple of weeks ago when I jumped into the deep end of the pool I went all the way to bottom unexpectedly and the top of my foot scraped the rough concrete (which they are going to fix when that pool closes in March).  Because I spend so much time in the pool so many days in a row, I can't get the scab to heal.  It's not infected, it just needs some days when it isn't soaked.  So I think I'm going to skip the pool today and give it some rest.

Chef Anita needs something she forgot so I think I'll get my walking shoes on and go over to the Japanese market.

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